HEXTON GALLERY was founded by Robert Chase in 1995 and expanded upon the Chase family's long-standing role in gallery development, artist representation, and extensive work in 20th century master prints and figurative sculpture. The gallery originated at 78th and Madison on New York's Upper East Side, and relocated to Chicago several years later. The gallery's archive, art production, and marketing teams reside in Chicago, while the main gallery now operates at its Cooper Avenue location in Aspen, Colorado.

    HEXTON'S CONTEMPORARY PROGRAM includes a select range of paintings, drawings, and sculpture from today's leading mid-career and established contemporary talent. The gallery also publishes and represents artists and institutional projects in the areas of editioned printmaking, sculpture, and artist books.

    In addition, HEXTON ART ADVISORY has assisted collectors for over 30 years in the acquisition and sale of significant post-war and contemporary works. Our exclusive European advisory partnership provides extended access to collections across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.