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Why Should I Pre-Order?

This is an extremely limited project and availability is not guaranteed.  Orders will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

When Will My Pre-Ordered Book Be Shipped?

The book, as well as the Deluxe and Platinum Volumes, will release in November 2019 and all orders will be shipped in the order received. Books will begin shipping by the end of the year.

Can I Buy the Book Somewhere Other Than Hexton Gallery? 

This book, as well as the Deluxe and Platinum Volumes, are exclusively available for pre-orders only through the publisher, Hexton Gallery, as well as select Hexton partner galleries and museums hosting Scott Avett events.  To inquire about future Scott Avett events, please click here.

Will the Price of the Deluxe and Platinum Editions Increase Over Time?

Limited edition works increase in value over time as the edition sells out.  We expect demand to exceed availability in all editions of this book and therefore anticipate that the price on the Deluxe and Platinum editions will increase.  The opening prices listed on this website are subject to change and availability.   

What is a Pigment Print on Archival Rag Paper?

These fine art prints are made using the latest printmaking technology. Archival pigment inks are combined with specially calibrated fine art presses and imported art paper to create the highest fidelity printmaking.  These types of prints embody the highest standard for fine art reproduction because of their longevity and exceptional quality.  Avett prints utilize pigment based inks and acid free, cotton rag paper to ensure their archival quality.

Are The Prints Signed by Scott Avett?

All print works are signed by Scott Avett.

Will There Be More Prints Created In These Editions After These Pieces Are Sold Out?

No, these small editions are strictly limited as stated in each Deluxe and Platinum Edition.  There will be no more prints created in these editions. 

What If I Want a Different Combination of Print images Other Than What Is Offered in These Volumes?

We apologize but we are unable to rearrange any of the offerings.

Can I Reserve a Special Edition Number?

We apologize but due to the high demand we are unable to offer any special accommodations. 

Is There a Certificate of Authenticity Issued For The Deluxe and Platinum Volumes?  

Yes, a certificate of authenticity stating what the work is, how it was created, when it was made, the limits of the edition, and other pertinent information specific to each work will accompany the Deluxe and Platinum Editions.

What Is a Song Sketch?

A song sketch is what the name implies—the intimate birth of a song or artistic idea.  These works are raw in their inspiration and conceptually naked in their presentation—no rehearsal—no sound studio—no layering of instruments.  This intimate look into the creative process is a discovery rarely experienced by anyone outside of the artist’s closest circle of collaborators.  Like a gust of fresh air, these musings will leave you breathless and are a truly special and rare opportunity.

How Do I Care For My New Scott Avett Prints?

Your Scott Avett prints were created by the finest printmaking methods available.  Proper care will ensure years of enjoyment.  It is best to avoid intense and direct sunlight, high humidity, and excessive heat such as above a fireplace. When you frame your artwork please follow the cleaning instructions given to you by your framer. Always open your artwork upon receipt in order to ensure that it has arrived without damage or defect. Store your unframed artwork flat.  It is best to use acid-free material to store the work if you do not plan to frame the work right away. We recommend storing them in a cool, dry climate.  Please consult your framer if you have additional questions or email us at info@hextongallery.com