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Carlos Rolón

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Carlos Rolón, a child of first generation Puerto Rican immigrants, is internationally recognized for work that draws directly from history, culture and the exuberance of his childhood home.

His installations combine paintings of lush tropical flora with works composed of fences and fragmented mirrors such as his recent exhibition at The New Orleans Museum of Art.  

Rolon’s collaboration with Hexton includes the debut of new gouache paintings on paper, canvas and aluminum, exploring the tension between commerce and preservation.




These recent floral paintings explore the tension between currency and beauty and, in many ways, become a metaphor for the balance we all strive to attain in our own lives.”

”Though I grew up in the U.S., my parents proudly instilled where we came from at a young age. That provoked me to question identity and my personal surroundings. Culture is something that I personally have always been interested in, not only for the obvious (that I was born “between cultures” you could say), but rather because of what it offered me while growing up.


I often channel ideas from my upbringing through tchotchkes, ornaments and mass produced faux objects d’art - such as vases, light fixtures, wallpaper, and textiles – which reflect a sense of ‘blue collar baroque’ and attainable luxury.