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Eric Holubow:
Urban Archaeologist/Photographer

I do not stage anything. I want only to capture what I see when I stumble upon these grand environments. Through my process of threading multiple images and exposures together, I want to bring the viewer into my shoes, standing with me and encountering these spaces just as I did when I found them.
— Eric Holubow


L. Schlitz Sanctuary  R. Clemens House

Between abandonment and demolition, there creeps in a realm of encroachment, collaboration, and beauty. Into this world Eric Holubow intervenes, exposing nature as she guiltlessly knocks down our tower of blocks.
— Joshua Siegel, Contributor WhiteHot magazine
My hope is to capture the traces of human culture within places. Like the discovery of cave paintings in our oldest human settlements… these artifacts create a greater connection
— Eric Holubow
These eerie photos of abandoned places are so much more than ‘Ruin Porn’
— Review of Holubow’s monograph Abandoned: America’s Vanishing Landscapes, Huffington Post 2014

Each image:  Sublimation on Aluminum
24" x 36", Edition of 15 + 2 APs
32" x 48", Edition of 10 + 2 APs
48" x 72", Edition of 7 + 2 APs
Larger commissions upon request

Eric Holubow's work has been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions on the decay of urban environments.
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